We have reached the mark of 100 colleagues!

When we started the company's operation in 2009, we did not plan and did not think that we would be able to grow to the level of an international company with 100 colleagues. The first thoughts about it appeared in 2016, when we actively started breaking into the Swedish market. It seemed achievable already in 2017 and after 5 years of active activity in the Baltic and Scandinavian market, we have increased our team to 100 people.

THANK YOU, each and every one of you, colleagues, cooperation partners, customers, suppliers, who have helped us achieve the incredible. Now let's aim for the mark of 200 colleagues.




Project St: Goran is nearing completion

We have reached the finish line on schedule. Today is the day when we reached a turning point - LC Baltic / ART8 completed the contract work exactly as planned in the project in Stockholm - St: Goran Hospital.

IES Ostersund

We have completed the installation of the floor covering

At the beginning of this year, we signed a contract for the installation of an emission blocking layer, the supply of floor coverings and installation in a project in Ostersund. Already at the end of February we had successfully started work.

The laying of carpet tiles is nearing completion

Linkoping University

In May of this year, we started assembling carpet tiles in Linkoping University buildings D and Zenit. Yesterday we started the assembly of the top floor. The design result will be amazing.